Admissions Consulting
Admissions Consulting
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Sia Admissions Cancellation & refund Policy

We offer best-in-class service, and our goal is to assist our clients by servicing them in the most beneficial way. Some clients require all-around assistance, while others seek out guidance only in specific areas. For that reason, we provide hourly and all-in packaged services. 


All-in Package

Upon signing-up, all of our clients are scheduled for a kickoff session, typically a 90-minute meeting where the counselor and the client discuss the aspects of the application. Following our kickoff session, we extend our clients a seven (7) day grace period where they have the option to add or modify services. During this grace period, we honor the bulk package offerings, should you wish to add services. 

In the event you wish to cancel our agreement, you will be refunded the amount equivalent to the fees minus $300 per hour per hours used.