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Admissions Consulting

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My college admissions process started when...

Globalization and the rise in the number of applicants applying to university each year makes the college application landscape increasingly  more challenging. Gaining admission to a top-tier university means you are competing against a plethora of applicants from both a national as well as international applicant pool, consisting of exceptional students who have strategically built a resume of extra-curricular and work experience in addition to superior grades and test scores.

Whether you know the university program you will be applying to or not, preparing a university-ready profile requires strategic planning that begins with a planned course selection and systematic community involvement and work experience.  

Crafting the profile of a student that portrays an image of a global citizen, ambitious, willing, and able to learn requires continuous and consistent effort. Preparing for admissions to a university that attracts the crème de la crème from a global student pool must begin earlier than the junior and senior year in high school.

At Sia, we work with parents and coach students on pursuing activities that develop character and build an exceptional profile. This coaching and development offers students the highest rate of admission success.  

A highlight of our coaching approach: 

  • A review of student academic record and feedback for improvement
  • A review of extracurricular efforts and suggestions to enhance involvement 
  • Comprehensive course-selection coaching to suit the student’s academic ambitions
  • Coaching on volunteer involvement and global awareness
  • Academic mapping, and detailed and in-depth strategic planning through secondary, post-secondary, and graduate education