Admissions Consulting
Admissions Consulting

Doctoral Program Admissions

Gaining admission to a Ph.D. program is exceptionally challenging as universities receive a great deal more applicants than they have appointments. Many factors dictate the number of appointments, and the admissions committee must choose the strongest qualified candidates that will be successful at completing the degree.  Therefore, a doctoral studies candidacy package requires that all aspects of the application speak the same language – the statement of purpose, recommendations, Curriculum Vitae, and interview cohesively reflect your ambitions in your field.  

At Sia, we are your partner, helping you navigate all aspects of your application process, including helping you put together your candidacy package that speaks of your story and your ambitions.



We partner in making your goals our priority. Our aim is to help you discover, craft, develop and manage the application process. 



We work closely with you to gain insight into all aspects of your story. Understanding your story means that we have a retrospective, an introspective, and a forward-looking process that enables us to help you bring to light and understand your ambitions and goals, and how a Ph.D. might help you get there.  



Multiple factors go into putting together a personalized game plan. After the discovery period, we take into account your other responsibilities as well as the time needed to submit a stellar application and create internal and external deadlines to keep on track. We are beside you every step of the way!



Diligence and consistency are your allies. Therefore, we regularly and constantly read and re-read your application(s) until all areas come together enabling you to submit a cohesive admissions package.