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Insights: Application


Due Diligence: MBA with a Focus on Sustainable Energy, Part 2

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Continuing on last week’s post (which can be read here), the next MBA program that offers premier opportunities for students interested in gaining exposure in sustainable energy and either launch their career or continue growing within the sector is Columbia Business School.

As in the previous post, the article includes links for further research on the topics.

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Columbia’s career-focus electives offer MBA students the opportunity to center their studies on Social Enterprise. Through the Tamer Center of Social Enterprise’s Climate Change and Business Program, MBA students are taught to use business skills “to identify and implement solutions to mitigate, adapt to, or reverse climate change and its global impact on society .” To bridge theory and practice, the program offers courses, experiential learning opportunities, research, conferences, and seminars where students can learn about our ecosystem’s most pressing problems.

To support students who want to work on a semester- or year-long project with Columbia’s faculty, or a public  business focused on addressing sustainability and climate change issues, the Three Cairns Climate Fellowship can provide support. Additionally, Columbia offers a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities for students interested in the intersection of business and climate change, including Pro Bono Consulting projects (through Columbia’s Pangea Advisors, Impact Investing Initiative, and the Small Business Consulting Program), Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship, and the Non-Profit Board Leadership Program.

The Climate Change and Business program also hosts a variety of interdisciplinary events, including the Climate Science & Investment Conference, Social Enterprise Conference, Capital for Good, the Northeast Workshop on Energy Policy and Environmental Economics, and works in tandem with university-wide initiatives, including Climate Change and Finance, to help prepare students for impactful careers in the sector.

Also, there are a plethora of opportunities for students to be involved in co-curriculars, including, the Green Business Club, the Energy Club, and the Social Enterprise Club.

With a mindset towards reverting climate change, Columbia MBA is the ideal training ground for leaders whose aim is sustainability on a global scale. Interested Columbia students have the option to take advantage of the diverse pathways Columbia Business School offers to meet the various students’ goals and ambitions within Energy and Sustainability.

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