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Insights: Application


Due Diligence: MBA with a Focus on Sustainable Energy, Part 5

For the last post on our series (previous ones can be read here, here, here, and here), the MBA program that offers premier opportunities for students interested in sustainable energy as it relates to cleantech is Berkeley Haas.

As in the previous posts, the article includes links for further research on the topics addressed.

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Cleantech is a branch of energy that is instrumental in developing solutions to solve our energy issues on a global scale. If this sector is what drives you, Berkeley Haas is a program you should consider. Those that are interested in energy, clean technology, and renewables have an opportunity to enroll in courses and have hands-on exposure to the development of cleantech.

Students can also enroll in courses like Energy and Environmental Markets and Energy and Infrastructure Project Finance to learn about the business side of developing cleantech. They also offer renewable energy speaker series, where entrepreneurs, VCs, and other tech experts discuss alternative energy sectors.

Among many experiential learning opportunities, Haas  offers opportunities to engage with Cleantech to Market (C2M) projects. C2M brings together interdisciplinary teams across UC Berkeley to work with scientists from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – a lab working on a multitude of the global solution with a mission to solve the most pressing and profound problems facing humankind. Energy MBA students can participate in that vision by helping expedite the commercialization of new solar, biofuel, battery, and smart grid/energy management technologies.

To integrate business and science, the Energy Institute at Haas trains business leaders on the energy business, policies, and technological challenges of the sector, so future leaders are prepared to make sound decisions for the future of our planet.

The co-curricular at Haas offers additional opportunities for  increased learning experience. The Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC) holds workshops bringing together students from multiple schools, programs, and labs. They host the annual Energy Summit, Resource RoundTable, Clean Web Hackathon, and Innovation Expo. They also are responsible for the BERC Innovative Solutions – a consulting program led by students from across UC Berkeley providing experiential learning in addressing strategic energy and resource opportunities and challenges.


While an MBA is a general business degree, schools have diverse pathways to meet the various students’ goals and ambitions within Energy and Sustainability. MIT Sloan, Columbia Business School, UCLA Anderson, Ross School of Business, and Berkeley Haas offer vast and diverse opportunities for MBA students to gain exposure to and insight of the complexities that make-up the sustainable energy sector. 

We, at Sia, are here to help you make the selection and help you craft your story through the lens your target school is interested in seeing. I would love to learn about your goals and discuss how we could help you reach them faster. Please reach out using the link below.  

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