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Due Diligence: MBA with a Focus on Sustainable Energy, Part 3

Continuing on our last two post (which can be read here and here), the MBA program that offers premier opportunities for students interested in sustainable energy - particularly for opportunities impacting the local community - is UCLA Anderson.

As in the previous posts, the article includes links for further research on the topics addressed.

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By winter of your first semester at UCLA Anderson, the flexible curriculum enables an optional specialization. Through Social Impact, students learn how to impact every area of business and society, including Energy and Sustainability.  Furthermore, UCLA Anderson’s Leadership and Sustainability certificate enables further specialization. Students interested in the certificate must enroll in four courses (16 quarter units) and complete a leadership project.

UCLA Anderson MBA students have a plethora of opportunities to work on numerous social impact projects in their local community, including a project aimed to “reduce potable water use by 36% and reach carbon neutrality by 2025.” MBA students also have opportunities to sit on sustainability committees to learn about and lead change. In an effort to make L.A. sustainable in energy and water by 2050 through UCLA Grand Challenge, MBA students may work with researchers, community members, and leading experts to find solutions to the most pressing problems.        

MBA students also have the options to gain real-world exposure to Sustainable Energy opportunities through a variety of programs, including the Applied Management Research Program, Global Access Program, and Strategic Management Research. Real-world learning at UCLA Anderson continues through conferences, like the Energy Innovation Conference, and case competitions, like Challenge in Energy Case Competition.    

The Energy Management Group (EMG), a student-led club, promotes career development in all parts of the sector through educational and networking opportunities, providing a formal channel for recruiting. In addition to their partnership in hosting events, the EMG also coordinates Days on the Job and Energy 101s so students may learn about the various impact opportunities in the sector.  

Considering UCLA Anderson? We, at Sia Admissions, are here to help you make the b-school selection and coach you to craft your story through the lens your target school is interested in seeing. We would love to learn about your goals and discuss how we could help you reach them faster. Please reach out to set up a complimentary exploratory call.  

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Sia Admissions Consulting is a boutique firm based in New York City. We specialize in coaching students of diverse background navigate university admissions process. Our goal is to partner with students to help them characterize and reflect their individuality in all areas of the admissions application. 

At Sia, we firmly believe that “one-size” does not fit all—each student has his or her story that, if communicated properly, a university admissions committee is eager to hear; therefore, we coach each student in originally telling his or her story. Our partnership with each student consists of  – (i) recognizing the student’s story by asking poignant questions which help us (ii) identify the quintessence of his or her strengths and aspirations, so we may (iii) build an idiosyncratic strategy that helps the student distinctively present his or her story. Our aim is to coach student in showcasing a unique application that communicates their individuality as an ideal candidate for the field and institution of choice.