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Susan helped me write essays that I am extremely proud of and which got me into 5/7 schools

I am an international student who just recently heard back from my 7 top schools. I reached out to Susan at a very early stage and I believe this is the best decision I have made throughout my application process. From the first phone call i had with Susan, I ended up writing 3 pages worth of brainstorming and notes. I knew I made the right decision going with her then.

Susan was very helpful and challenged me since the very first phone call throughout after submitting my applications. She helped me shape my personal statements and resume to reflect my full potential and personality. Susan was very easy to talk to, she always valued every idea I brainstormed and challenged me to execute it in the best way possible. I have never faced difficulties with her at all. In fact, working with her was very calm and enjoyable (even though one time we had to work for two schools having the same deadline). She was responsive and never late on getting back to me although we work on two different time zones.

Our nature of work was by sharing my drafts and receiving her comments and feedback. She used to ask me challenging questions, point out weak points and help me develop them stronger, inform me if my ideas are too much or if some points are getting in the way of what I am trying to write. That helped me write essays that I am extremely proud of and which got me into 5/7 schools i applied to (the University of Pennsylvania Law School, University of Chicago Law School, Berkeley Law, Duke School of Law, and NYU Law). These are my dream schools and working on the essays was an emotional roller-coaster for me which Susan really helped me through and got me to factor every energy I have into the essay.

I literally could not have done this accomplishment without the guidance of Susan. She really exceeded my expectations with her work ethic, quality of work, intelligence, kindness, and support. Susan's help and support did not stop there, even after hearing back from the schools, she reviewed my correspondence to a school I got wait-listed on and always genuinely checks in with me.

Choosing my school was not easy. When I asked Susan, she gave me the pros and cons of each school and also spoke from my personality point of view, which is really amazing because in this situation you need someone who understands your educational and personal preferences. I have never met Susan, yet she clearly understood those two aspects because she is a great listener and that reflected in our communication and the strength of my essays. I will be applying to my second masters or an MBA right after graduation and I can't wait to work with Susan again.

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